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  • Posted by Paula Campbell on 11/04/2018 in NEW RELEASE

    Good Without You - Lyric video

    The reintroduction of R&B/HipHop/Soul singer Paula Campbell is long over due! She touched us with soul searching songs like Denial and Ain't Nobody Stupid in the earlier 2000's and with club bangers like How Does It Feel, setting the mid atlantic region ablaze! Now showing off her beautiful vocals, the unique sound compared to sugar "gritty but sweet," she speaks to the heart of every woman and girl who's ever lost love. The 15 year old who experienced her first heart break and the 30 year old who's had enough and is through with love. Good Without You says what you just can't seem to explain.The No nonsense "telling it like it is" round the way girls balladry Anthem to moving on! "Don't be bitter, be better" Paula says. "Every experience, even a break-up is a lesson learned. Not just about how to handle and value others, but how to first value yourself." GOOD WITHOUT YOU (Lyric video)Single available November 9, 2018 on all steaming outlets.

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