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  • Rapper Q Money says he tried to bring positivity to Cleveland, apologizes after 7 shot at video shoot

    CLEVELAND, Ohio -- When the emerging rapper Q Money inked a record deal with Warner Bros. two months ago, they gave him three options for where to film his first music video: Atlanta, Los Angeles or Miami. His answer: Cleveland.Shortly after he finished filming a scene outside the DPG Dog Pound bar on St. Clair Avenue, near where the 22-year-old rapper grew up, a fight broke out and ended with seven...


    In the club, in the hood, and in the game, one dude always sticks out. He’s the fly cat draped in designer on the corner. He’s the epicenter of the dancefloor who gets things popping. He’s the spitter in the studio and on stage who sounds like nobody else. He’s the one who everybody talks about. Go to Cleveland, and they’ll be talking about Q Money. The rapper bobs and weaves between unshakable choruses, ear-catching ad-libs, and catchy and clever cadences.As hip-hop...