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  • The break Interview: Lil Wop

    Within a span of a year Lil Wop, a 22-year-old rapper from Chicago, went from being Gucci Mane's biggest fan to being the hip-hop vet's newest protégé. Since 2016, Wop has been busy, carving out a niche with his distinct Midwest drawl and hard-rock mentality. It all started with his 2016 project Wopster and it continued into 2017, after he dropped three installments...


    Rapper Lil Wop (sometimes known as Lil Wop 17 or the Wopster) was born in Chicago in 1993. By his late teens he had begun uploading his original tracks online, and around 2016 he moved to Atlanta at the suggestion of his little brother, who had been living there for a while. Lil Wop ’s dark, almost demonic style was also heavily influenced by the relentless, threatening style of Gucci Mane . Lil Wop ’s sounds eventually caught the ear...

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