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  • Born to Roll: The Anthem [Ford Commercial]

    BORN TO ROLL celebrates the diversity and strength of women who are living their dream....

    Posted by Craig King on 06/01/2019

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    Ironically enough, it was two men without the gift of sight who were the first to “see” the tremendous talent that is Craig King.

    Growing up in Nashville, Tennessee, the budding musician played drums for his church, Greater Christ Temple, where he was greatly impressed with the resident organist. After that musician left, a young King found himself playing around on the organ one day when his pastor, who was blind, overheard him.

    From that moment on, Greater Christ Temple had a new organist.

    Self-taught, a then teenaged King was much sought after to play gigs around town and at local churches. It was his connection with the black church that led to his first career breakthrough.

    While a student at Howard University in Washington, D.C., his talents were often called upon by Rev. Noel C. Taylor, then pastor of High Street Baptist Church and mayor of Roanoke, Virginia. It was Pastor Taylor who informed King of an upcoming audition with the legendary Ray Charles who was looking to fill the shoes of his longtime collaborator Billy Preston for the remainder of his tour.

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