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    FlyGuyDC is  one  of  the  hottest  young hosts  to  grace  the  Atlanta  circuits  today.  Born  and  raised  in  Washington,  DC, you  could  say  he  inherited  some  presidential  qualities  because  he  continues to  lead  the  youth  and  deliver  an  encore  experience  every  time  he  hosts. Unfortunately,  all  the  credit  cannot  be  given  to  Washington,  DC.  Nine  years ago  he  moved  to  Atlanta,  GA  with  his  family  and  it  is  safe  to  say  that  he  has taken  on  a  southern  mentality;  you  can  truly  call  him  an  “ATLien”.  However, his  mix  of  DC  swagger  meets  southern  charm  and  that  has  made  him  a  true crowd- pleaser  in  most  of  the  southeast  states  within  the  past  few  years. Deemed  ATL’s  Number  One  Host  to  now  wearing  the  crown  as  The  Voice of Millennials,  Fly  Guy  DC  is  far  from  shy  of  the  spotlight.  This  young,  energetic soul  is  one  who  can  spark  the  plugs  of  any  event  rather  it  be  a  pep  rally,  high school  football  &  basketball  games,  fashion  shows,  networking  mixers,  clubs and/or   concerts   the   crowd   is   bound   to   rock   left   to   right.   

    "FlyGuyDC’s infamous trademark"

    With    Atlanta    being    a    very    competitive    entertainment environment,  that  has  not  stopped  this  Fly  Guy  even  a  little bit.  He  is  continuously  invited  to  host  at  some  of  the  top clubs   in   Atlanta   including   Mansion   Elan,   Museum   Bar, Elleven45,  Opera,  Opium,    Medusa,  Josephine  Lounge,  The Atrium,  Cream  Ultra  Lounge,  Compound,  Kapture, Suite Lounge  and  the list  goes  on.  He  has  also  touched  nearly  every  major  party market  in  the  post-secondary  arena  as  well  including  Clark Atlanta   University,   Spelman   College,   Morehouse   College, Kennesaw  State,  Georgia  State,  Clayton  State,  Albany  State, Fort Valley, University of West Georgia, the University of Georgia and the list goes on.

    DC  is  highly  respected  amongst  his  peers.  DC  credits  his  success  to  God,  his single  mother  that  raised  him  and  his  family  for  keeping  him  grounded.  To stay  grounded  one  must  give  back  so  when  he’s  not  standing  on  a  platform with  a  microphone  in  hand  he  is  giving  back  to  the  community  visiting elementary  schools,  middle  schools,  high  schools  and  colleges,  compiling pep  rallies, panel discussions, attending career days, reading to children,  tailgates  and  chain  events.  When  FlyGuyDC  is not  working  he also  is  busy  mentoring  the  youth  all  across  Georgia.  With  this  platform  his vision  is  to  teach  the  youth  the  power  of  knowledge  and  embarking  on  long lasting   success.   FlyGuyDC   lives   by   the   mantra   “What’s   understood doesn’t   have   to   be   explained”.   With   such   mantra   he   feels   knowledge   is power   and   is   something   that   cannot   be   taken   away   so   with   applying knowledge  if  it’s  understood  there’s  no  need  to  explain.  Fly  Guy  DC  also  lives by  his  mantra  that  “Staying  humble  is  key”  and  with  this  Fly  Guy  we  can justify what’s understood doesn’t have to be explained.

    DC's  interaction  with  the  audience  provides  a  crowd  surfin’ experience  for  all  who  attend  events  he  hosts.  He  is  not  a one-dimensional  host,  he  has  hosted  an  array  of  events,  for   over   10,000+   attendees   filling   the   Morehouse   Forbes Arena, Beer  &  Tacos  which  was  housed at  Phillips  Arena,  Community  cookouts,  grand  openings, talent  shows,  fashion  shows,  collegiate  homecoming  and spring  fest  events,  block  parties  and  more.  DC  is  the  co-creator  and  former  personality  of  Dreams  2  Reality  radio show  on  Highly  Unique  Radio,  where  he  began  honing  his radio mentality and voicing over the airwaves.

    Recent    Cum    Laude,    graduate    of    Clark    Atlanta University with his Bachelors in Criminal Justice  to  creating a platform for himself and becoming The Voice of Our Millennial,  DC  has  been  able  to  attach  himself  to brands  such  as  Footaction  and  Fresh  Empire.  FlyGuyDC  is  soaring  through  interviews  with  some  of  the  top celebrities   having   included   Nick Cannon, Chase Chirsley, Rick   Ross,   Migos, Gucci Mane, Jermaine Dupri, Jezzy,   Bryson Tiller,  T.I.  and  many  more.  DC  can  be  heard  rocking your  airwaves  weeknights   6-10pm  EST  alongside  co-host,  Ferrari  Simmons  and  weekends,  Sundays  3-6pm. For  this  Fly  Guy,  entertainment  is  second  nature  and  he is swiftly cultivating into a young mogul.

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