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  • Live Session with FlyGuyDC

    Audley “SuchaFlyGuyDC” Feemster Jr. is one of the hottest young hosts in Atlanta today. Born and raised in Washington, DC, you could say he inherited some presidential qualities because he continues to lead the youth and deliver an encore experience every time he hosts a party. Unfortunately, all the credit cannot be given to Washington, DC. Seven years ago he moved to Atlanta, GA with...


    FlyGuyDC is  one  of  the  hottest  young hosts  to  grace  the  Atlanta  circuits  today.  Born  and  raised  in  Washington,  DC, you  could  say  he  inherited  some  presidential  qualities  because  he  continues to  lead  the  youth  and  deliver  an  encore  experience  every  time  he  hosts. Unfortunately,...

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