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  • Bigga Rankin Discusses Origins of Cool Runnings DJs, Making Superstars and Making Mistakes [Exclusive Video Interview]

    Whether keeping a club jumping until the break of dawn, introducing new music to the masses or backing up your favorite rapper behind the ones and twos in a jam-packed arena, the DJ keeps his finger on the pulse of rap music. And celebrity DJ Bigga Rankin is one of the most powerful record spinners in the business.With 61 DJs on his team, he is CEO/founder of one of the most influential DJ crews in...


    Every great army must have a leader. For the southern Rap movement, Bigga Rankin sits at the head of the round table. A destiny which has taken over two decades to manifest, Bigga Rankin is one of the most decorated record breakers in the music industry. His journey began in the early 80s, where Bigga electrified the Reggae clubs of Chicago with his influential voice and magnetic energy. These characteristics soon expanded into the realm of R&B and Hip Hop when Bigga moved to Jacksonville, Florida...