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Fashion Marketing Intern

Fashion Marketing Intern

True Urban Culture
1201 Peachtree St, Atlanta, GA 30361, USA

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We are an Urban Culture Magazine that highlights and exposes urban culture for all of the beauty and grit it offers to society as well as giving talented individuals an arena to shine and display their talents like none other. It's a global magazine that doesn't let geography, trends, or cookie-cutter boxes define what should or shouldn't be highlighted in a magazine. 

Our team is a collective of creative individuals who combined their skills to create a magazine highlighting a range of subjects from skateboarding to urban trends. We are the voice that will not be muted, the soapbox that will never be crushed, and the eyes that will never be blinded by the glitz and glam of success. We are professionals challenging the meaning of culture, tattoos, music, fashion, sports, politics, etc. and how these topics are classified as urban. We will push the envelope on subjects, we will have a voice in previously polarized industries, we will make you avid readers, and most importantly, we will make you think. 

We are cultural urbanites, We are TUC Magazine. 

True Urban Culture internship program is a great way to gain real hands-on experience and professional exposure to the entertainment business and community. The internship program is designed to provide motivated and interested students with knowledge of our industry. Our goal is to provide our interns with a meaningful, educational and fun experience. 


- Assist in building, streamlining, and managing branded social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc), which includes writing and curating content for all channels and ensuring uniform content/tone of voice for landing pages, graphics, and other elements within the communities 

- Monitor and analyze social media trends in blogs, social networking sites, and new technology 

- Perform keyword research, and analyze and generate social media and campaign traffic reports 

- Assist in coordinating and contributing to brainstorming meetings with internal social media team to establish content ideas, conceptualize campaigns, and plan for a social media/editorial and marketing calendar 

- Assist with the research, development, and management of database creation involving media, clients, competitors, and target market, data entry, and audience trends on social media 

- Research and identify key influencers and bloggers and help build strong relationships with them 

- Contribute to brainstorming strategies and conceptualizing campaigns 

- Assist with project management of events, concerts, photo shoots, etc 

- Draft basic public relations material including press releases, media alerts, fact sheets, meeting summaries, status reports, and other materials as directed 

- Assist with administrative duties including sorting, collating, mailing, and other administrative functions as assigned 

- Create signage, newsletters, email campaigns, online promotions, etc. 

- Provide support to social media efforts to target new audiences. 

- Assist with trade shows and special events to promote the company and increase attendance. 

- Research and analyze competitor marketing and sales materials. 

- Collaborate on team presentations for management and clients.


We are looking for a community-minded, creative self-starter who thrives in a fast-paced environment. Our ideal candidate has up-to-date knowledge of current trends in effective marketing, social media, and online communication. He/she should be passionate about the entertainment industry and have a keen eye for detail and online branding.  


- Pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Marketing 

- Possess excellent written and verbal communication and customer service skills. 

- Possess creativity, flexibility, variety, and growth potential. 

- Should be open-minded, a fast learner, enthusiastic, and adaptable.