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Who is Dej Loaf?

Who is Dej Loaf?

In 2011, Dej Loaf began her career as a hip hop artists. Her stage name is a shortened version of her first name, "Deja", and "loafer", as she took a keen interest in Air Jordans when growing up.[6] In 2013, she released her first official mixtape, Just Do It.. That mixtape attracted the attention of a fellow Detroit-native rapper SAYITAINTTONE. She was later signed toIBGM (I Been Gettin' Money) under his management team.[6] In July 2014, she released her track, called "Try Me" (produced by DDS) as a single,[6] which earned her viral popularity, In October 2014, she signed a major record deal to Columbia Records. After signing a deal, she released her second official mixtpe, called Sell Sole.[5] That mixtape was given an "A–" by music critic Robert Christgau, who wrote in his review for Vice, "What's irresistible is the form-content disparity—a rapper who brags so un-macho, a rapper whose greed is so explicitly for her family, a rapper who's 'Grindin' ' at music. Plus her flow is a brook, her producer respects her space, and her two sex rhymes are into it and into it more."

She quickly became Americas Sweetheart! Her music is not only catchy but filling!

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She currently has a radio banger which is sure t top charts with another Artist Jacquees

Titled, "At The Club". Check it out on YouTube ! 

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