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Umi Tha GOAT Interview

Umi Tha GOAT Interview

What part of ATL are you from?

I’m not from Atlanta. I’m actually from Utica, NY. I moved to Atlanta in 2014 for college. I go to Clark Atlanta University.

How long have you been making music?

I’ve been making music since I was 8 but it was just something I did in my spare time. I decided to make it a priority in my life last summer.

Where did you get your style from? You have a very wavy sound.

So I’ve been making music like recording myself for about 7 years. But idk it wasn’t appealing to me. I didn’t like my voice on a record so I locked myself in my room one day and practiced and came up with what my sound is now and that was last summer.

Do you have any mixtapes out at the moment?

Yes. I have a mixtape on my SoundCloud called “Ladies First” that I made a long with Space Music. It has my single Dub on there.

Do you listen to any music outside of rap?

I actually barely listen to rap. Most of the time I have some Musiq Soulchild and donell Jones. Old School R&B on.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

I would love to collab with my favorite rapper Lil Wayne, Drake, Frank Ocean, Abra ,Sza, shit so many people. Young Thug.

How old are you?

Old enough

Your fashion style is unique. What inspired you to have that style?

Fashion has always been of an importance to me. Like I use to stand in line every Saturday and get every Jordan. But now my fashion is thrift shit. I like to go to thrift stores and really shop find some different type shit or something vintage put it together with some fly jewelry and sneakers I still love sneakers.I don’t know I just don’t like wearing stuff that someone else might be wearing. It’s gotta be Umi.

Any future projects you working on at the moment?

Yes with Space Music which is my team we’re dropping a tape Called the Space Way sometime soon. It’s going to show the talents from our three producers, our engineer, and me and apollo along with a couple other artist. A solo project from me is in the works as well coming soon.

Is the female hip hop scene in Atlanta strong?

Yeah it’s a couple females out here that I’ve been hearing about. So yes I would say the female hip hop scene is strong we have a few female rappers with a great amount of fans. I love how it’s progressing the game definitely could use a feeeew more female rappers with some different waves.

Some of your music has a happy and laid back vibe to it. Is that your personality most of the time?

Yes. I can be very laid back. But I can also be very turnt. It depends what I’m on but for the most part I’m chillin’.

Any last words?


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