Posted on 11/16/2018 in Entertainment



Unless you have purposely tried to mute everything around you, chances are you have heard, saw or even sung along to “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” and may have even tried to hit the whip once or twice when nobody was looking.

The song is from the teenage newcomer and Atlanta native, Silento. The name Silento actually means “less talk, more action.” So the young man is living up to his name.

Despite his success of being signed to a major record label at age 16, travelling the world to perform and having celebrities and politicians alike dancing to his song, Silento stays humble. He only gets an allowance from his parents so as to not overspend. He also goes to school everyday, unless its a major interview or performance. He says his dreams are big, so it takes discipline. Graduating high school is one of those disciplined choices.

I had a dream being in front of millions of people performing, so it seems like it’s going to happen,” explains Silento. And this dream of his was all started in the ATL. Silento was known in school for rapping catchy words and phrases and would do this everyday. One day, he started rapping ‘watch me whip, watch me nae nae’ over and over and that was something people seemed to be a fan of. So he took it to Instagram to see what kind of feedback he would get.

“I did without any music, just a capella and put it on Instagram. I got a whole bunch of comments, girls were just commenting and tagging other people,” he remembers. “I’m like ‘ok, 200-300 comments, it’s time to make that a song’ because that’s automatically support.”

And he was right. After all, the video has more than 670 Million views on youtube after only 6 months.He’s approaching the “Gangham Style” number of views being 1 Billion.

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