Posted on 03/26/2019 in Entertainment

Plug Talk with G Child

Plug Talk with G Child

Gary “G Child” Denson, was born and raised in a close-knit community on the north side of Bessemer, Alabama.  He developed a passion for music at the tender age of six while attending Macedonia Baptist Church, where he would later become the drummer and a lead vocalist. 

By the time he was thirteen, he was writing music and recording at local studios with high hopes of one day becoming famous.

Slowly but surely, he fell victim to the hard knock street life. By the end of 2005 his lifestyle had caught up with him causing him to lose five years of his freedom.

Two years into his sentence, he received bad news that his mother had passed away from diabetes. 

This caused him to take his music to another level and he was determined to fulfill a promise he had made his mom years ago. He began to write different genres of music, running the gamut from Pop to R and B soul.

After being released, he began to perform with a local band from Birmingham singing cover songs in different venues throughout the city. Although this created a local buzz for and set his performing foundation, G Child had much bigger aspirations. 

His focus shifted to diving deeper into his own creativity and developing original lyrics and sounds. He released his EP in early 2018 entitled “Square 1” which opens into the first phase of his long-term vision. Lately, he has been promoting his new single Grind and Sacrifice.

Rap Plug got a chance to catch up with G Child in Austin at SXSW, Watch the video below!

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