Posted on 08/13/2018 in The 411

Music For Misfits: The Story Of Indie

Music For Misfits: The Story Of Indie

Rather like goth, indie music is one of pop’s most different genres, it is broader and had many different categories. Indie comes from the word "independent," meaning that they come from low-budget record labels and is inspired by punk rock'n'roll. 

The story of indie music began with Buzzcocks’ Spiral Scratch EP. Manchester pop-punk quartet first released in April 1977. It sold out it's an original pressing of 1,000 copies and then went on to move a further 15,000 copies effectively created the blueprint for independent labels in one. The UK alone influenced a lot of self-starting imprints with game-changing labels such as Rough Trade, Factory and Mute already well into their infancy.

Indie music’s stock rose dramatically in 1983 when Rough Trade signed The Smiths. The Smiths are the UK’s most important guitar-based band of the decade. the 80s were the years that made indie music go global. 

There is always a change in music and their platforms. The music has caused cultural commenter to write the music off but the music is still alive.  Indie music is still global.