Posted on 06/27/2018 in Entertainment

Meek Mill's Lawyer Calls Judge An "Immature, Petulant, Ignorant Child"

Meek Mill's Lawyer Calls Judge An

Meek's lawyers condemned a judge's opinion that the rapper should not get a retrial.

(AllHipHop News) Meek Mill's lawyers continue to attack Judge Genece Brinkley's credibility, after she refused Meek Mill a new trial.

According to Meek's lawyer Joe Tacopina, Brinkley was behaving as if she were an “immature, petulant, ignorant child."

“I didn’t think I could question her ability to be qualified to sit as a judge anymore, but I have now reached a new high,”
Joe Tacopina said.
Meek has been on probation since 2008, over a gun and drug conviction.

After several probation violations over the years, Judge Genece Brinkley sent the rapper back to prison in November of 2017, after Meek tested positive for drugs and was caught doing wheelies on a motorcycle in Brooklyn. 

Judge Genece Brinkley decided to imprison the rapper for 2-4 years, which caused outrage and sparked a nationwide debate on the prison system. 

Meek and his legal team appealed the Judge's decision to the Supreme Court, and argued she was unfit to oversee his case because she had a vendetta against the rap star. 

Additionally, Meek's lawyers maintain he was denied a fair trial, because an officer named Reginald Graham, who assisted with Meek's arrest, had previously admitted to lying under oath simply to secure convictions. 

Judge Genece Brinkley has refused to recuse herself from the case despite criticism from the Governor on down to the lawyers prosecuting Meek Mill. 

Earlier this week, Judge Genece Brinkley issued a 47-page ruling and decided Meek and his team failed to meet the burden of proof, and denied their request for a new trial.

“Ultimately, the allegations of misconduct related to Officer Graham do not relate to the facts of [Mill’s] case … and do not create a question of credibility for [Mill’s] underlying trial and arrest,” she wrote in her opinion. 

As for Meek, he will remain free on bail until his appeals are exhausted.

Article by: AllHipHop Staff via AllHipHop.com