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Live Session: LALove The Boss – Get Yourself a Natural

Live Session: LALove The Boss – Get Yourself a Natural

Get Yourself a Natural is the recent battle cry adopted by a growing number of voices, and the ultimate yell leader of the movement is the amazing LALove The Boss. Replete with a perfectly coifed afro hairstyle and hard-won physique, the budding superstar is the picture of the natural woman winning on many levels. From launching lyrical missiles on wax to spreading her natural charm on film and even co-producing some of her music, LALove The Boss seeks to inspire others to concentrate on what’s best in them rather than allowing outside influences, and detractors shortstop their innate greatness.

Her 2.1 million Instagram followers may know her as LALoveTheBoss, fitness model and lady boss extraordinaire, but now the young mogul is coming after a new title of platinum-selling artist with the drop of her new single, “Christmas.” Christmas is the rapper’s third release from her highly anticipated album, due out this Fall.

With a hard-hitting baseline and aggressive rhymes, Christmas represents all things bossy – confidence, sexy and lavish drip. The single is also an ode to her journey to stardom; from her most recent successes; an actor’s credit on Netflix’s ‘After Party’ and a chart-topping app to forthcoming partnerships, LA has “finessed the game more than five ways,” she says closing out her first verse on the hit single.

Known for hypermasculinity and hard-core personas, Hip Hop is experiencing a shift, from male dominance to include female artist ascension through the ranks. With the new crew of ladies of rap on the rise, it is inevitable that LA will be added to the list with this icy single leading the way. Equipped with a dominating presence and certified skills, it’s only a matter of time before LA joins her peers at the top of the charts.

The Hype Magazine caught up with the rising star that is LALove The Boss to catch up on developments since her debut single “Pam Grier” gave her entree to the A rooms of some of hottest producers and studios in the game. One of the highlights of the conversation was the discussion surrounding her natural hair journey and why she’s such a champion of the movement. It was hard to hear her recount a time when people asked her, “how can you do that to your hair?” when talking about her natural hair choice. Do What I asked? Accept yourself the way you are made?! Yeah, that’s one for the books. Tune in!

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Website: http://lalovetheboss.com

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Twitter: @LALoveTheBoss

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