Posted on 07/15/2018 in Entertainment

Landr Interviews: Get Familiar With Producers SykSense & Ducko

Landr Interviews: Get Familiar With Producers SykSense & Ducko

In our second installment of Landr pieces, we highlight an interview done by Rory Seydel, brand and community manager over at Landr. In the article they touch on the amazing things Landr's currently doing for producers, the producer duo's clientele and much more.

 In the last couple years they’ve co-produced numerous tracks for Drake (Including Know Yourself, 6 God and Draft Day) as well as Co-prods with Travi$ Scott, Lil Herb and MikeWillMadeIt to mention a few.

What I love about these guys that they are living proof that heart and hard work can go as far as unlimited budgets in massive studios.

These dudes are so prolific, that at times in their Atlanta home-studio you hear beats being produced from all three bedrooms at once.

We caught up with to get some inside understanding.

You guys are blowing up. Tell us about how you got started producing?

SykSense: Man, I’ve been making since forever. Before I could sequence, I used to measure loops on my CASIO. My pops would call it noise haha.

My career changed when we went into the battles and met Boi-1da. We met him in a battle. We kicked so much ass that night. We lost though. We came second place. At the end of the battle he took us aside and was like this battle doesn’t mean anything. You guys are amazing.

The very next day we both had an email from him with his real name. He just wanted to mess with us. From that point on—like 2010—we’ve just been rocking ever since.

S: We still send him tracks from time to time. It kind of goes like we send him some material, he messes with it and then he’ll send it to Drake or whoever and it just goes from there.

What’s your process for producing music?

S: I use FL Studio. The process is different from producer to producer and even from last year to this year. I dunno my process is whatever sound I hear. I run off that sound, be that a synth or high hat. Most of my shit started out with crazy loops.

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