Posted on 08/24/2019 in Entertainment

Known for his beats, Drumma Boy also aims to make a name in fashion

Drumma Boy pulls up to the small white and black storefront on Howell Mill Road in his black Cadillac Escalade.

The Atlanta-based rapper and producer recently opened his first clothing boutique called House of Fresh, which carries his own Fresh Phamily clothing line as well as other brands.

It’s early yet.

When asked about it, he looks questioningly at his visitor and in all seriousness asks, “Do you want one?”

“Man, when I’m running, I can’t eat or do anything,” he says as he leans back on the leather sofa. He’s already squeezed in errands and a meeting so far.

Memphis-born Drumma Boy, aka Christopher Gholson, is excited about the business, which is located near his studio space and includes space for a quick haircut for celebrity friends who might drop in.

“I’ve always been a great salesman,” said Drumma Boy, 34. “I’ve also always had an eye for what looks good. I was wearing everybody else, why not start a store? I’ve been kind of touching people in the same way I do music, only it’s through fashion.”

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