Posted on 12/05/2017 in The 411

Industry Plugg Event

Industry Plugg Event



If you missed this year Industry Plugg Event you missed one of the greatest events of 2017. The event started at Microsoft , located inside the Lennox Mall in Atlanta. There, a panel of Industry professionals including Record Label Execs , A&Rs', Award winning producers and more educated a room full of aspiring talent! Artists , managers and producers learned the ins and outs of the music business. Following the panel discussion networking was key! The entire room engaged in conversation, exchanged numbers and social media and learned what each other had to offer.

From Microsoft , Vip members went to Patchwerk Studios, One of the biggest studios in Atlanta.

Aspiring artists were given the opportunity to play their music in front of industry Producers, Engineers and Label execs and receive honest feedback thus helping them move forward in their career!

This years event was a major success! Make sure you come to the next one. The Industry Plugg Event may just PLUGG you where you need to be!