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  • Posted on 04/15/2017 in Did You Know

    Hezues R is up next ...

    Hezues R is up next ...


    Hezues R’ is a pioneering media entrepreneur with experience, insight and unique sensibilities in production, advertising and product development. Latin Nation referred to him as a “Latino Mogul in the making.” In 2014 Hezues R’ was Honored by the White House and President of the United States. He has also consulted to previous President’s Council on Financial Literacy. Hezues has an intuitive business sense, but his passion is in the arts and advertising.

    Branding products and infiltrating niche markets are talents that have elevated Hezues’ professional status. Creating brands like Boadicea the Victorious have made him an Award-Winning creative and international success. A keynote speaker (Harvard, NYU, UCLA), head United States Delegate on the Inter-American Committee on culture and honorary of the Mayor of his hometown, who proclaimed October 25th “Hezues R’ Day.” Hezues R’ is an innovative creator of content and industry enterprises with a tenacious stride towards professional achievement.

    Whether it’s Sean P Diddy Combs, Russell Simmons or Mona Scott-Young, Hezues R’ is sought out by icons of industry for his creative talent, unique sensibility of consumer behavior and savvy marketing. From ideation and creative direction to execution of content and strategy, Hezues R’ will deliver a dynamic and impactful campaign.


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