Posted on 12/20/2017 in Did You Know

Getting to know B. Criss

Getting to know B. Criss

Branden Criss, the 24-year-old CEO of Great Catch Marketing Solutions. Branden’s passion for marketing and technology led him to start a firm that specializes in mobile marketing.

He is the 2014 Cincinnati Herald Award recipient and his company also created the mobile app for the Ohio Hip Hop Awards.

He also held the 2017 Industry Plugg event in Atlanta that set artists drive on fire. He along with his partner Craig King plugged aspiring talent in with a panel of industry professionals including managers, A&R's, Producers and much more!

His goal is to take his business national and provide innovative market place solutions for business owner and entrepreneurs all over.

Check out his philosophy:

  1. If you want to be successful you must be able to sale your business in 30 seconds.
  • Describe your brand in 2-5 words
  • Know the color of your brand and why? Colors have meaning It’s important to use the right colors to showcase what your brand attributes.
  • You must know the Problem your brand solves. The best brand to have is one that solves a problem.
  • Who needs your brand?
  • Name of you brand?
  1. Before you can be successful with your own business, you must do your research.
  • Branden gave examples of 3 brands that failed and talked about why they weren’t successful.
  • Block buster
  • Radio shack
  • Kodak

“These brands failed because they couldn’t develop a strategic brand strategy that would equip them to compete with other innovative brands in their industry.”

You should be able to name 5 brands that are successful especially within your industry.

  • Apple Ranked #1 BRAND IN THE WORLD
  • Google Ranked #2 BRAND IN THE WORLD
  1. You have to understand what a brand strategy is and how to use it.  “Mobile marketing is the new trend for successful businesses.” Branden advised.

He is well on his way to becoming a  mogul like Dj Khaled! 

If you need a App designed , website designed, business plan, Consultation or want to learn more about B. Criss Contact him by email at @bcriss09@gmail.com!