Posted on 12/02/2017 in Did You Know

Get Hipped to Patchwerk Studios

Get Hipped to Patchwerk Studios

Patchwerk Recording Studios is a professional recording studio located at 1094 Hemphill Avenue, West Midtown in Atlanta, Georgia. It is currently owned and operated by Curtis Daniel III and Mike Wilson.  

I have been there myself and i was completely blown away!

The facility features two totally isolated recording studios, namely Studio 995 and Studio 9000, along with Studio 1019, a vocal tracking and editing studio in the 9000 wing of the building. Apart from the facility's use as a recording studio, the premises are also used for the Mastering Studio, as well as offering CD duplication and graphic design services.

So if you are ever in Atlanta looking for a quality studio contact Patchwerk Studios at 404-874-9880