Posted on 06/27/2018 in Entertainment

Dame Dash Goes IN On Lee Daniels Over Million Dollar Beef!

Dame Dash Goes IN On Lee Daniels Over Million Dollar Beef!

Dame Dash helped Lee Daniels launch his film career, but the Director never repaid him. Now he is airing him out.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Dame Dash is one of Hip-Hop's OG's after his run with Roc-a-Fella Records in the 1990's. 

Dame is one of the original Hip-Hop moguls as he helped spearhead the career of Jay-Z.

However, Dame's biggest achievement may be signing a young Kanye West to a record deal. This is after the rapper first worked with Roc-a-Fella for years as a music producer. 

Dame is also known for being a great entrepreneur and all around businessman. He has worked with companies from various industries including wine and spirits, but also television and film. 

A young Kevin Hart was once the star of the Dame Dash produced film "Paper Soldiers." Dame would also receive critical acclaim after the success of his film "Paid In Full." 

Well, Dame Dash was also working with Director Lee Daniels at the being of his film career, but things went sour. According to Dame, he loaned Lee Daniels $2 million to launch his career and Daniels was supposed to pay it back. 

However, after the success of his film "Precious," Daniels never repaid the money. Now Dame is airing out the director.

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