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  • Posted on 06/01/2019 in Entertainment

    Born To Love!

    Born To Love!

    Dancer from Emmy Award winning series So You Think You Can Dance, COMFORT FEDOKE, along with a cast of dance artists (Celeste Perez, Kesh Kesh, Siera “Zen” Waterford, Hidenori Ishige, Nick Kavoklis, Brandon “BENO” Anastascio, and Sebastian “SoulKid” Reyes), performed a collaborative art presentation while adorned with body art by ZOE RAPPAPORT to the poetic music of LONDRELLE in Hollywood gallery called Radiant Space designed by mixed media artist LAURIE SHAPIRO. Inspired by dance, music, & art, COMFORT created this piece by playing with the movement of dance and its’ connection to the brush stokes of a painter, all while guided by music. LONDRELLE’s music lifted Comfort out of a dark and hopeless place when she fell in love with his poetic tone, captivating words, and spiritual vibe. After creating to his music on multiple prior projects, Comfort was thrilled when Londrelle contacted her through social media with a request to collaborate on future projects. She immediately seized the opportunity to collaborate on this current project, "Born To Love."

    Creative Directed, Videography, Choreography by Comfort Fedoke 

    Body Art by Zoe Rappaport 

    Asst. Body Artist Penelope Vazquez 

    Art Installation by Laurie Shaprio 

    Music by Londrelle “Love Without Conditions” 

    Edited by Comfort Fedoke 

    Colored by Stephen Derluguian 

    Custom/Stylist- Comfort Fedoke and Laurie Shapiro 

    2nd Camera Operator - George Elder

    Thank you so much to the Radiant Space team. Olivia Mia Orozco, Golie Yazdy, Daniel Elder, Sean Maurer

    Source Link: http://www.rappaportdance.com/comfort-fedoke-mdash-born-to-love.html

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