Posted by Josiah on 10/06/2018

Influence Type Beat

I hate type beats... yes we all know its the easiest way for quick cash and quick clout, but what the fuck ever happened to style and originality? pure organic compositions that are based off of our moods and our own skills? Where our only limits were creativity? So ironically, this beat is titled "Influence Type Beat", because its not a type beat its to make fun of people who put type beats up and then call themselves artists... Its one thing to make a type beat here and there, but its another to only make type beats. stop chasing a placement and make your own placements. be yourselves. this especially goes out to the lazy niggas who just download loops. cause sampling is okay but when you use a random trappy loop you got out a kit or pack? then you're just lazy tbh... sorry but there's a difference between paying homage and stealing. and this same message goes out to you rappers out there too. quit hoppin' on each other's dicks and be original for a change. you all sound the same. idgaf about your label. mumble rap doesn't kill the culture its the fact that almost all y'all niggas do it. and please don't call yourselves rappers if you a singing nigga. autotuned is okay here and there but if almost every track is the same shit then I am not a fan. sorry.